Friday, November 28, 2014


Been revisiting the sketchbooks, entertaining myself by seeing if I have gotten to a place where I can actually make what's been designed.
When I'm in my Happy Place, I draw without thinking whether I could, (or better yet whether I should), make what's running through my head.

Lord knows how much is self-censored in the name of marketability in our studio.
Hell, just getting a photograph of bare clay black on black work is daunting. That alone is usually enough of a reason not to contine making a series of work.  
Issues of shippability due to scale and proportion really don't help at all either.

But I like 'em.
I like this path.
I like seeing these ideas move through from rough sketch to finished work.
I like feeling the surface. feeling it's weight and balance.
How they play with space and profile.
Figure and balance.
I like exploring each piece and enjoying playing with skills that I've incrementally built up. Playing without a thought given to accountability to a mythic market..


smartcat said...

Nice work. You're in the black (OUCH!) It looks huge; is it?

carter gillies said...

Wow! These look great! I especially love the proportions in the top black pot, but the bottom one is killer as well!

I think its sometimes necessary to do what you are suggesting if only for sanity's sake. Sometimes it can be important to go even further than what you scribble in your sketch book. Go beyond the proportions you think might even work to ones you have almost no hope of working. Exceed your imagination, in other words.

Its why we love looking at other people's work. They do things we would never think of doing. And if you go too far, at least you have found where the limits are. But if you never test how extreme you can make things, you will never know.....

Keep up the great work! I really love these!


theflowergirl said...

It is great following all your work. I first saw your blog while looking up glazes on Pinterest. Could you please share how you make your cobalt slip for cone 6? I have made it either using my clay slip or as a colorant using a little frit, Thanks so much Trish