Monday, April 7, 2014

The Purple Cow

I struggle with Seth Godin's idea of the purple cow. (if you don't know what I'm referring to... do yourself a big favor and Google Seth and listen to anything you can find.)

Frankly, I don't believe it's enough to anchor myself into the notion that quality alone is even capable of carrying anyone's work out into the world anymore. You can make ripples with quality, but it takes something more to make an impact.

I'm just not that confident in myself, my work, or the world in general. Shooting for the middle doesn't feel safe anymore. 

Gotta stand Bold and play loud if you want anyone to stop and watch.

If that wasn't bad enough, but it just doesn't feel comfortable any longer to sit on yesterday's successes... 

Yesterday is long done.
If you like yesterdays designs, pick em up as they hit my Etsy.
Those designs are going to become rarer and rarer very quickly.
I'm still pushing to invest myself into the idea that every work needs to be inventive and unique enough to warrant the attention the work can find. I'm becoming more and more interested in impact and expression rather than sales. Probably a very unhealthy desire, but it feels suited to my needs as someone that makes because I enjoy the act of making.

 Whether I like it or not,
I am a purple cow...


carter gillies said...

Great post Joel!

I'm really getting into Seth Godin's ideas these days, and I'm glad you pointed me in his direction. I emailed him the other day about the discussion we were having about gatekeepers and such in the new post-institutional art world and he actually responded. I don't think he and I agree on all aspects of the topic, but he did point me in some interesting directions.

I'm also delighted that you are embracing the purple cow. I had no idea what that referred to but looking it up suggested that you are on the right track. Keep on making those remarkable pots that you do!

Unknown said...

We need to talk some more! I have been following seth for a couple of years now, he has changed my world!

You are doing great work! I am glad I have the pieces that I do. I will keep an eye out for more.