Monday, June 4, 2012

StillLife With Vases

I've never took making vases to heart... I build gardens but I don't cut flowers, so the buggers didn't make much sense in my head.

But I've gotten lucky and have studio mates that have reintroduced me to bottles and vases, but more importantly to pleasure of putting together bouquets for friends and family.

 Sunday mornings have become ritualized cut and arrange mornings for us now.

 Jessica Fong has been kind, letting me use her work to explore the aspects of design that are needed for cut flowers. 
All the arrangements shown are using her pieces.

I feel like I'm starting to get it!
There's so much to explore and try, so much experience that needs doing.

It has been rewarding getting a chance to sit next to another craftsman in the studio again. Not only that, but being lucky enough to find studio partners that are more about playing and experimenting than producing a "product".
 Dynamic relationships lead us out of our own heads and off into unexpected directions. 
Thank you Jess!

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