Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slow Consistentcy and Clearing Deck

Finished up spending the past few days getting to help Tara, Jessica, and Trent finish tiding up the UOP clay studio for tomorrow's first day of class.

All the fun stuff...
grinding more kiln shelves, applying fresh coats of kiln wash, vacuuming out the kilns, mopping and hosing the floor, general organizing, moving piles either towards the recycling clay bins or to the dumpster, and moving everything around for good measure.


It's simple work that's easily enjoyed with a good crew. (Thanks Jess for leading by example, the studio looks great!)

Now I can load the bisque kiln guilt free.

Only 300 pounds of clay got thrown over the past 3 weeks, ended up loading around 120 into the kiln though. (I'm getting much better at culling work as it's still wet.) 3 weeks with 20 canisters bisque to show for it... damn, times have quickly changed.

Still, I'll gladly take slow consistency any day.

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