Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Issues of Legibility

The past few firings have brought issues concerning legibility to the forefront for me... 

I've been drawn towards surface narratives, but...
I've found that when I have the choice between a literal surface and a nuanced surface, I tend to prefer the complexity of a controlled chaos.

 Hand-crafted cups, canisters, and teapots provide an accessible supply of canvasses that can readily serve as anchors for building abstract surfaces. These are objects that a good amount of us can relate to on an intimate level. 

It's the form and patterning that leads to internal question, dissension, and thought. 

Not bad for a lump of clay. 
It's a media that lets the imagination and practiced hands sing.
How we each define our forms and surfaces marks the work each of us makes...

Readability of a narrative is a characteristic that is explored through ownership.

  (Did any of that make sense?)


Tracey Broome said...

Absolutely. sometimes I won't say what a piece means to me, or what certain things represent just so whoever owns it can have their own interpretation. Controlled chaos is always good!
How beautiful is that last pot anyway!??!

Linda Fahey said...

perfect sense. I think 'readability' something being legible is a gut feeling - pretty hard to 'diagnose' ;)

love these pieces!