Saturday, May 7, 2011

End of the Week

I've fed myself this particular morsel of BS over and over agin for a few years now...

" If I manage to find two gems in a load of experiments, I should be happy." (Unfortunately, I've been getting way too used to smashing work again... we are missing an easy dozen of "Crash and Burns" posts that may never get posted. I'm still adjusting to the new time constraints of living full time in the gardens rather than the studio.)

What studio time that's been available, has been filled with lots of  tests.
Luckily, a single success is an excuse to play in a field of failures.

This is a Willie's 6 Tile Slip over a Laguna cone 10 B-Mix.
Bisqued and given a black wash before being glazed with a clear Chun on the exterior and a Nuka glaze used as a liner. The result is very heavy crazing in the Chun. (This combo doesn't "ping" when flicked, but I like the depth of the surface.)

The additional difference is that when the Nuka is used at the lip, it feels odd. Kind of like like drinking with a swollen lip. 


ang design said...

whats happening outside working at the mo? love the black and white in fact love the metalic one a post or 2 back....hope you get more kiln joy soon..cheers ang

carter gillies said...

I know that line! I have had so much kiln heartbreak over the last 3 or so years that I depend on anything I can tell myself to keep my head up. I was amazed that I had so many total losses when I switched to firing in an electric kiln. Cone 14 in the front stack of an anagama had better odds of survival than my poor L&L.... Not everything was my fault, but I do admit to being a slow and stubborn learner. Sometimes. And repeating the same mistakes or throwing caution to the wind with entire kiln loads risked on the same experiment don't help matters. I think its only been in the last year that I can open a glaze kiln and not be crushed by something huge having gone wrong, or losing a good 12 out of 40 pots. It used to be extraordinary if I didn't lose more than that....

So if misery loves company please know that I'm right there beside you. Hang in there, because it will get better. If we are willing to learn we have to be willing to risk, and sometimes that just means accepting the knocks along with the ripe fruit. I believe in your work. And I'm in awe of the courage you have in moving forward in your experiments. Keep it up! It WILL pay off!

FetishGhost said...

Every firing is gold.

"Kiln Joy" = anticipation and discovery

I just need to get my cone 10 pallet down.