Friday, October 16, 2009

Cone 6 NutMeg

Dolomite 23.3%
Spodumene 23.3%
Ferro Frit 3134 6.8%
OM4 (Kentucky ball clay) 23.3%
Silica (325 mesh) 23.3%

Red Iron Oxide 1.07%
Yellow Ocher 3.24%
Tin Oxide 4.85%
Bentonite 1.94%

I've been mixing this recipe up since the fall 2005. It's a nifty little recipe I pulled from a February 2003 Ceramics monthly article. I was in the midst of a traumatic shift from firing large reduction cone 10 kilns to firing a small cone six electric. I liked warm and toasty asymmetrical surfaces and I knew that cone 10 reduction was my friend. For all the hype, I wasn't pleased with the glaze results coming out of my old electric and I needed a glaze that I could depend on and more importantly, live with… (cuz if it don't sell ya gotta live with it!)

This was the glaze I needed to get me going. It looks good. It's stable. It's dependable. I've never had to scrape a kiln shelf because of it, and its fun!

Yep… it's fun.

Used alone it's ok, but when you start mixing it in different ratios with the Satin White glaze, it deepens the pallet. You can click over to the Satin White glaze recipe for more information. It seems to mature fairly early giving a dry surface at cone 5 and a glassy surface at cone 7. I've done quite a bit of playing with the mixes and temps and I've settled into a 95%nutmeg / 5%satin white mix applied really thin. This creates a nice warm toasty flashing at the edges of application and works well with slips. I'm firing in a cone 5 to cone 7 range so I'll stick this glaze in where ever I need to fill space in the kiln. Like I said… dependable.


Sabine said...

Hy, I just looked up to your page. It is very original. Congratulations! I love the nutmeg glaze. It is very beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe.
Greetings from a Mexican Potter, Sabine

Joan Scott said...

I believe you had a brain glitch of some sort in listing the % of frit. 31346.8%! I believe the % is 6.8. Unless the bentonite is added into the 100%, in which case the frit would be 4.86%

Joan Scott, Sedona AZ. PS. I love nutmeg with satin white, half and half, but I can't find the satin white i used in Ann Arbor when I lived there.

Caroline said...

The Frit number is 3134, the percentage is 6.8

Dan said...

Sabine , probaste la receta ?, ahora estoy localizando los químicos , es bellísima