Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Been kick'n the studio into a higher gear, and trying to stick to a production plan for a few weeks. This of course is dare near impossible but I'm trying to make a go of it. The studio is making a family outing out of attending a new themed event at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California October 10th - 11th.

It's a "come as your favorite spook" event so even without dressing up I'm sure the family will fit right in. The studio is a great fit for this event so we'll be setting up a booth to haunt, Now I just need to make sure I have enough ware to make to best of the opportunity. Win or lose, this is promises to be a fun event for our whole family.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see pics from this event

Amy Hunt Callahan said...

Awesome. I wish we had this, but alas, it would be shut down by the southern baptists. Sounds like a blast!