Friday, December 19, 2008

Meet my Studio Photographer

This is Andor. He's the studio photographer for FetishGhost and is working on learning to make good use of the support software needed to build and run an online storefront. A lot of what you see on this blog, he's helped produce.
I first drafted him to snap a few shots in the summer of 07. It was just something to keep him busy while school was out, but since then he's become an valuable asset to the studio, taking on the duties to help coordinate the shooting of demos and product shots.

OK, before everybody starts pestering me for his business card, I've got to point out he's just turned 10 last month. and my wife won't let me rent him out yet.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hair, Andor. :o)

Julie said...

Ah, he's a cutie! And what a great learning experience for him to help out - I love it when families work together like that! :)