Saturday, January 30, 2016

Le Coq

I really love this design from the last half of 2015.
Definitely an image that's loaded with more meaning than I probably should share just yet.
Needless to say, it's not just a rooster under the stars. It's much, much more personal than that for me. 

I've been running a short list of cone 6 glaze tests the past few weeks using this design and the Compass Rose motif
What started out as easily readable quickly went to place that required a more participatory role of the audience. 

Pictures, even high resolution pictures, don't convey the jeweled depth of these surfaces.
It devolves (or evolves) into a game of obscura, where the viewer holding the work is the only one that's in a position to puzzle apart the design. 

It's a game that connects the artist, the work, and the person holding the yumoni. It's a subtly intimate game that, when done right, teases.

The downside and delema once again is, figuring out how to show the work using pictures. 
After all, it is said...
"If you can't shoot it, you can't show it...
and if you can't show it, you can't sell it." 

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Ron said...

I really love the rooster and stars piece. Imagery that comes from a personal place is powerful. There is energy that comes through even if the person who is looking at the piece doesn't know the story. It's good stuff I think. Something I would like to delve into a bit more with my current work.
As far as photographing the other piece. Maybe those pots just have to be seen in person to sell. That's certainly not a bad thing if you have a place to do so. Of course reaching more people is possible with a photo. And even if it's not the best photo maybe the people meant for those pots will get it b/c they see better. Or take the time to really look.
Ok. Ha. Great pots man!!