Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hashtag... Damn IT!

Well I can go to sleep knowing that I learned something new today... When going into the studio at the end of the day, our old little Cress kiln with a kiln setter was turned off and cooled down. BUT the flip switch wasn't down, the timer hadn't gone off and when we looked, the cone hadn't dropped. 
Apparently a temporary power outage will turn a kiln off even after the power returns. 

Makes sense, but the obvious isn't obvious until it's obvious... Damn.


smartcat said...

It's always somthin'!
Toes crossed that you weren't on a deadline and that the refire was good!

Ron said...

Bummer. But at least it wasn't the opposite and hadn't overfired. I was just thinking yesterday how it's about time for sometime to go out on my e-kiln. I hope I'm wrong.

cookingwithgas said...

Is there something in the stars?
Mark's says it's the line up of the planets.

Joel Blum said...

Yeah, this little kiln is quirky. The coils need replacing. The top and bottom are totally mismatched. Besides that, its too small for split shelves so I can't stagger for a more even firing. I actually enjoy the challenge so I'm not too bent.... yet.