Friday, January 22, 2016

She's got it Covered

This is why I love collaborating with a partner.
While the unexpected is most often the norm, (for better of worse) it's still a joy to find jewel like this tucked away in a corner of a fired off kiln.
Jess quietly put this one through the glaze bucket and set it in the kiln with the rest of the load.

A casual swipe with a wet sponge before dipping made a serious difference in the final surface. 
A detail I would have probably never done (or stumbled over). 
The result was a dramatically uneven application of the studio crawl glaze across its surface. 

Easily my favorite from this load.
It's easy to believe that we couldn't do this if we tried...

... but that's exactly reason that we play.
It's through the unexpected that we are thrilled and entertained.
When we are done, we get to climb out into the audience and get to see what's been done. When it works, we get to enjoy standing up with the crowd and enthusiastically clapping along.

"I really Love their work..."

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