Monday, May 30, 2011

Virtual WoodFiring 2011

Over the pond in France, Eric Soule came up with a fantastic new event this spring, a Virtual WoodFiring.

 He invited ceramic artists to send him small works to be included in a firing in an Tunnel kiln firing. The big surprise was finding out Lee & Yolande of Burnt.Normal Church Pottery were on hand with their critters helping fire off the kiln.
For me, the whole idea of a firing event is fun enough. Make it woodfire that pulls in work from international artists and it starts to become something very different.

Thanks Eric for letting me play. I want to actually get to show up for a firing one of these days.
But hey, if wishes were fishes...

Special note: the Tennessee Blay Clay Flashing Wash is evedently everything I dreamed it would be in a woodfire and oh, oh so much more...
I've got to figure out how to get this work into another wood or soda kiln real soon and see what happens. 


Eric Soulé said...

Nice post and all the pleasure for me Fetish.
Glad to know the cup arrived safe !
Hey, avec des si on met Paris en bouteille ... (^_^)
See u.

FetishGhost said...

Je suis jeu!


This looks like a very fun time. And another level of at-stakeness to take tender loving care of the fire.

ang walford said...

yeh baby!!!!!