Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vision Highlights: Hunter Stamps

 "The Space Between" 
27" x 19" x 18"
glazed ceramic

17" x 27" x 17"
glazed ceramic

 Once again, heaping servings of both form and texture. The pictures don't do Hunter Stamps work justice. These pieces draw a person in in a big way. All three of his works were selected and I'm very glad they were, I've been watching people wander in while we've been setting up and they inevitably drift towards "Metamorphosis" stopping to orbit the work like a captured new moon
The piece below is the work that captured second place...
Congratulations and Great Work!

 "Naked Lunch"  
26" x 16" x 18"
glazed ceramic


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the flattering comments about my work. They are much appreciated.

Hunter Stamps

Ricky said...

I think Hunter Stamps' work is very unique and a different style that I like!