Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Studio ElectricMeter Log

This is one of those posts that's really just a studio note... just in case.
It's this year's electric meter log I use to keep track of the energy consumption for each load.
I log the reading on the meter when I turn on the kiln and the reading when I turn off the kiln, later I'll subtract out my averaged hourly household energy use from the final reading.

Keep in mind, this isn't a firing log made to keep track of temperature rise vs. kiln adjustments... I wish! I haven't kept one of those for a while now. Without a pyrometer, it's a mute point for my old electric Paragon.

Admittedly, I really to need dial in how I organize the information I collect on each kiln load better, just to better understand the results. Intuition gets us just so far.

When I was young... intuition and risk took me to new places where I could dream new dreams... Now, as I'm finding myself getting older, I'm learning to take notes and tailor my dreams according to what I believe I can do. I guess confidence takes us a long way.

Until then... this here is a formality of accounting.

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