Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Simple Joy of Food Coloring

Quick solution for a new problem...

Recently I've been finding myself juggling a few different white glazes at a time while glazing up kiln a load of work. A few nights ago, I noticed that my small bucket of Eggshell White that I was testing was ominously empty. ????? Last time I had used it I had poured it into a narrow container to make it volumetrically easier to dip my test yunomi into, but unfortunately I must have poured it into... aaaaaaah, which bucket?
Oh Darn it!
So... my stopgap solution, (aside from limiting my pallet), is tinting a few of my problematic glazes with food coloring so I can keep a thumb on what glaze goes back into which bucket.

 The tinting is subtle, but it serves its purpose. So far the food coloring seems to burn away without affecting my finished glazes.

 You know... This wouldn't be a problem if I kept 15 gallon pails of my favorite glazes mixed up and on hand like a real potter.


UgaBugaBowls said...

15 gallon buckets? Nuts, I'm still working with pints. Gonna be years before I'm a real potter I guess!

Ron said...

Nice fix. I used to mix up 20 gallon trash cans of glaze when I had my reduction kiln. I only had 3 glazes. The great thing was I weighted everything out in pounds. 100 lbs worked great in the 20 gallon can. So if it was a 100 gram recipe I just made 100 lbs. I'm back to the 5 gallon buckets these days though.

ang said...

heheheh nice one!!