Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Canisters

Spent most of the week in trenches installing irrigation lines for the test gardens... It was a beautiful, beautiful week to be out streching the muscles. (Oh my Back!!!) Unfortunatly my studio time was limited to just a few hours at night. Just enough time to finish the designs on (8) 3.5 pounders above, put through a bisque load, and give a bit of thought about what to work on this weekend.
I'm going to see if I can choke in the waist on a series of 17" to 21" tall canisters without collapsing the pile. I build these up in sections... unfortunately you can just make out the joins on the one below by following it's profile. I'll flip it over tomarrow and see if I can chuck it up securly enough to cut a foot. That should be interesting.

Until then, I'll throw a few more tonight and see if I can get the profile I'm looking for.


Dan Finnegan said...

It's so hard to hide the seam on such a subtle form. It's lovely just the same. I'm playing with a similar challenge these days.

Connie said...

I love the designs on your pots. How do you do them?

jimgottuso said...

beautiful pots joel... a couple years ago i made about 30 pieces about that tall and found that instead of chucking them, if i just got a really sharp trim tool and was extremely patient that i didn't need to secure the pot.

FetishGhost said...

Hey, Thanks for the support Dan, I'm hoping that the stencils will work to camouflage any seams. Happily the next 2 threw much cleaner though.
Jim... our local woodfire artist Trent Burket hand-cuts his feet too. The approach completely slipped my mind! Well, guess time time to try something new.
Hey Connie!
The designs I create use cut paper stencils that I make from recycled news print. Check out some of the older posts for a look. Here's one from February...