Thursday, November 1, 2012

Line Quality

In the last post I mentioned getting a much needed tutorial in line quality from the Girls...
First off I should mention that "the Girls" that were mentioned are studio mates Jessica Fong and Junior member Jade Danielson.
Second, I didn't realize that the reference I was making was part of a post that was sitting unposted, soooo.

A wax resist on a near bone dry surface can be a magical surface media for creating an expressive lines. Check out the tightness of these lines as they stack under the our basic studio Shino.
If there's one secret I could share it'd be "don't be stingy with the wax".

The stiffness of Shinos holds Jessica's black washed lines brilliantly.

Jade's too.
Jade continually shows me not to be afraid to fill a space end to end.

They both make it easy to see how confidence carry a line. It's line's job to illuminate an idea and accentuate form.
 A confident of form, created with the hand in mind, is one of the fundamental precepts of craftsmanship... It's when we take the time to create a narrative, we begin to move beyond the pedestrian.

Play with line!


Jessica Fong said...

Line em up. The Girls will be hitting the studio this weekend... it's time to fire. :)

Tara said...

Yes! ALL The Girls will be present and accounted for! Play time!
*the contrast between Jess and Jade's line expression is beautifully captured in this post. I find it inspiring too! Thank you!

Linda Fahey said...

ahh yes, line quality. I like the wax, but prefer to work without it. it's all about timing. . . timing, and well planned coffee!

nice post !

FetishGhost said...

You are sooo right about the timing Linda. The wax is the best way we've found to duck the issue.

Ron said...

Catching up on the last few post. Love seeing what's happening in the studio there! Keep those Lines coming.