Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alchemical Art

I've long maintained (in my own head anyway) that the surface default for functional ceramics is abstract expressionism.

It's a delusion of living in a cloud of imagination and chemistry.


I'm at a loss why local exhibitions won't let us enter work in their 2-D exhibitions when there are 9 sub-categories for surface art and just one (at best) for 3-D.

Maybe it's time to press for at least one category for the alchemical arts?


Linda Starr said...

amen, I love the abstract and the clay is a surface, perhaps if it was a tile? a really thin tile. ha. have a great holiday.

carter gillies said...

You know, you are absolutely right!

I think that the stigma against pots in the Art world blinds too many folks to just how inclusive a pot really is. Pots aren't *just* about function, they also are about form but they are also about surface as well. Pots are not limited by being only one of those things.

But since the art world is dismissive of pottery as an art form it gets too little of the respect or understanding that it deserves. Devaluing pots is less about the object and more about the categories that have been foisted on our judgment. And getting folks to see through and over their prejudices is an ongoing up hill battle.....

Are we doing as much as we could to make this case? I wonder.... It certainly helps that folks like you put it out there, so that its at least a part of *some* conversation *somewhere*.

Great post Joel! Thanks!