Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MN Potter's Sharing The Fire


Linda Starr said...

Thanks, watched the whole thing early this am, loved the quote Richard Brosnahan told of Shigetosi Nagazato saying pots are one third clay speaking, one third the firing speaking, and one third the artist speaking and if you expect change that get another career.

Terry P. said...

Thanks for posting this, Mr. Blum. IT was a fun and interesting watch, especially for the Richard Bresnehan material. For some reason he seems not well known outside potter's worldview, and it's hard to find material about him. He's certainly one of my favorite potters though, so it was a treat to see him.
MacKenzie - eh, I can take him or leave him, as I can any Leach acolyte.

Anonymous said...

You post some really great videos. Thank you!