Thursday, June 9, 2011

LH Horton Gallery's Regional Artist Group Show 2011

I've been pretty shy about showing my work locally. (It's a bit of a personal problem. Everyone has issues, this is one of mine...)

I love getting to put my work in front of the community that I live in, but quite frankly, most of the people I interact with daily don't even know what I do outside of the context of how I'm seen everyday. When I say I operate on-line under the name "FetishGhost", they get that look in their eyes like they think I must be some obscure porn star, and honestly, that suits me quite fine. I am good by the way, just not that good.

Most of the time, I'm either the gardener, or Nico's and Andor's dad, or the Violin Guy, but locally, I'm most definitely not known for my studio work.
None the less, I do enjoy getting to show.

The Horton Gallery is putting up an exhibition of 16 local artists this month.
There are easily many, many more talented artists than myself that I would like to see drawn out for a local exhibition. Apparently, I'm not the only one who's hesitant to show locally. There's a very healthy number of nationally recognized artists living and working in our community that are choosing to remain silent on the local stage.
That's not good and really needs to be addressed.


cookingwithgas said...

blow them out of the water- your work speaks.

FetishGhost said...

Thank's. I'm looking forward to start showing the people around me what I enjoy doing. I'm still hesitant. A whole lot of people might think my time might be better spent doing something more productive like watching TV.

cookingwithgas said...

never, never doubt what you are doing.
Even when you doubt it just keep going.
I don't think they will be shocked, you are not your average blue collar worker you know, plus sharing is good, I know your Mama taught you that!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful and so unique. Good for you to take this opportunity. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you hear all the wonderful feedback!

barbaradonovan said...

I saw your cups in person at the cup show at the Shaw in Baton Rouge a year or so ago. You do really good work. Don't be hesitant.

ang walford said...

what a gorgeous promo piece!! have a brilliant show and yey for local..

Tracey Broome said...

Go for it! I felt odd last year, when I did the farmer's market and some potter I knew would wander up and look at my work. But this year, I had really nice pieces in the show I did, and I was proud for anyone to come see it and happy to be showing locally. Be proud of your work and put yourself out there, your work is beautiful! People will love what you do and will love knowing the "local artist" !! Really great postcard :)

FetishGhost said...

This has really helped.
Thank you.
I'm finally starting to get comfortable with the idea of "who I am" when I show my work to the community I live in. (deep breath)
Time to close my eyes and plunge in.

bfree clay said...

the more we show..the more they know