Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Flock of Crows

A flock of crows flew out of the kiln yesterday.

I wasn't disappointed with the results of this test load.
whew... I put a whole bunch of eggs in the basket too.
It could have been a(nother) disaster.

There's a range of subtle that was explored using slip thickness as the method for varying how darkly the black englobe wash settled into the topography of the stenciled relief.

 The new clear chun recipe worked really well and played nice with the Nuka that was used for the lip and interior.

Well, just wanted to see how my ideas looked when they were dressed in more traditional glazes and I'm happy. It looks like I found a new direction to wander off in again.

Happy Dance!


Laura Farrow said...

ghost crows. gorgeous.

Linda Fahey said...