Sunday, June 26, 2011

Customer Appreciation

Troy Bungart

Here's something I can't say enough...

"Thank You!"

There is no way I would be brave enough to keep pushing ahead with out strangers willing to take a risk and support my work by laying down hard earned cash to pick pieces from my Etsy shop.
I'd be lying if I said it didn't matter what people think... because it does. There's a whole lot of me wrapped up and sent out with each box.
I guess that's why it felt so good to read Troy Bungart's blog about a recent purchase.

Knowing that the work lands in hands that are going to enjoy using it, is really what it's all about.
Thank you for the kind words Troy!


jim said...

wow, what a write-up, congrats... the kudos are well-deserved

carter gillies said...

That's the kind of appreciation that makes it all worth while! I also love how he describes your attention to detail in the packing. Everything you put you hand to has an artist's touch. Well done my friend!