Sunday, February 13, 2011

Style'n #6

Learning to successfully live with adversity is trait that takes a bit of creativity and patience to develop.
My wife and I are raising our children in a city that has distinguished itself nationally by winning Forbes America's Most Miserable City award... twice.

Stockton, California.

Why is it style'n?
Because there are no "gimmes" or easy answers here. The crowds are so busy with their personal hustles, that as an artist, you have to pull some serious rabbits out of your hat just to get their attention and just hope they don't start shooting. This is a city where even the Mariachi Bands pack pistols.

Living in Stockton has driven home the point that Art not necessarily a thing that we produce, but ultimately, Art is Entertainment. It's a performance of ideas and views. We are at our best when we provoke, when we sing, when we celebrate.
I don't show this crowd skulls and the like... I don't feel the need to through that on the pile. This crowd needs beauty. The swirls are for them. They understand the Delta Breeze motif and smile for it.

I've learning the importance of standing tall and speaking loud and proud.
Bloom where you grow!


Anonymous said...

Had no idea it was so tough there, had heard many, many people lost their homes though.

FetishGhost said...

Actually it's much, much worse and not funny at all.

cookingwithgas said...

many times it is harder to stay somewhere then to leave. I think many of us have this issue and find different way to deal with it.
We raised our kids in a very rural setting and knew at times they would be better elsewhere.
And even though pottery is well know here it does not get anywhere near the local support it should.
If it did we would be golden.
Thanks- these are interesting and thoughtful.

carter gillies said...

I can see that your community really needs your art. As long as there are folks who can still be reached by beauty all is not lost and you are doing great work by reminding them of this. Your little dance of ideas and views is a humble but powerful statement that the world can be better than it is, that the world is really only what we make it, and that the world is SUPPOSED to be beautiful. And your art keeps this dream of beauty alive. Keep up the great work! Keep that spark alive!

jim said...

that is a surprise, i think all us midwesterners and easterner have a stereotypical view of calif. and think it's all progressive and ahead of the times. bloom where you grow indeed.