Friday, February 11, 2011

Plastic Stencils Results (round 1)

Well laid plans often work with a wide variance of success.
 Plastic stencils and hakeme.

The detail is going...
The translucents work well, but this is a good point to rethink my approach to creating a controlled breaking of surface tension using my crackle glaze and the underlying surface.


cookingwithgas said...

hey- give it up- tell us 7 things about you- i gave you that same award mr stylish- give it up or your name is out there!
just 7 things we don't know about you.

ang said...

much softer results than your where is this going?? stil love the crackle :P

FetishGhost said...

Ok,ok...M, I'm spending the day climbing trees pruning today. I can think about the 7 secrets then.

Ang, I've been dying to do a series of works that tell a story about a cock fight (chickens... roster specific) The images are built using plastic stencils and wax resist.