Friday, April 30, 2010

California Clay Conference for the Advancement of the Ceramic Arts 2010

The name on the card that's going to be buying the beer at next week's "Drunken Philosophers Club" meeting is Bruce Cadman. His slipcast, altered, and piece assembled work is quickly moving into the line-up in West Coast Ceramics. The piece above is the teapot that got into this years' main exhibition at the Artery. You can get a look at how Bruce creates his work at PortCityMud.

For the rest of us visiting Davis this week-end... This is a week-end of pop-up galleries that are hosting student shows from all over California. This is a great chance to see how things are moving along here in CA and get a line on new up and coming talent.

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Craig Edwards said...

Passing through... Davis brings back memories of Bob Arneson in the early 70's.