Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well the frenzy of the season is past. It went by like a freight train this year and, like most years, I was reluctant to go anywhere near the tracks. My kids made darn sure I at least leaned into the wind and waved though.
The picture above is part of a new project that was started this week. It was originally just meant to be an exercise, an excuse to stretch my fingers out over in wordpress with. Along the way it turned into portfolio of sorts for my BoneOrchard line of teaware.
It's an invisible store front kind of thing.
It's still under construction and feels a bit clunky. Click around if you have some time and let me know what you think. There's a tab on the sidebar for suggestions or comments.

It's at


jimgottuso said...

hey joel, great idea... originally i went with wordpress for the very reason that i couldn't figure out a way to have a bit of a portfolio on the blog although i'm sure i could've worked something out. i saw one of your teabowls in an etsy treasury a couple days ago. i left the window open on the browser to send to you when i got a chance but when i booted up this morning the page was blank. maybe you saw it. been having some earl grey in the cups you sent.

ginkgo said...

Nice to see your tea bowl here are great too !!!!long life to this new-blog-home !