Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spinning Wheels

A long lazy summer day of cleaning the studio and mixing glazes while Nico works on her throwing technique.

This is the youngest of my 2 studio monkeys. At 6, she's already working on her product line for our local farmer's markets and is angling in on her older brothers studio chores.

I had to stop, sit down and enjoy this moment. I take it for granted that I'll have my constant companion at my side longer than she'll most likely be there. I can see that could be changing soon. It wasn't all that long ago she was tucked into a papoose on to my back as we did our rounds in the gardens and studio together.
I love being a Dad...


Anonymous said...

great to see the kids in the studio, nico is a beautiful kid and in the second picture i sense a very intelligent and thoughtful girl. i know what you mean about thinking they're gonna be there always, right now sofia loves to be in the studio and i'm sure she'll have other more pressing things sooner than i would like.

Amy Hunt Callahan said...

She's lovely and skilled! Wren at two also loves being in the studio, making "mountains" out of little pinches of clay. I'm with you, though, I think she'd still fit in her mei tai, but I don't think I'd be very productive with her in it!