Sunday, July 26, 2009

Late Night Pour

It was a fun late night for the family. Non-ferrous FireWorks. The kids are really enjoying learning the process. A six year old with a blowtorch is still kinda scary though... ok, it's still really scary.

Investment covered sprewtrees, give them a quick shot with a power washer and...

They are clean enough to begin disassembly.

This should keep me busy while I sprew up the next load.


julietteisdead said...

How excited am I. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

it's impressive for a 6 year old to handle a torch... i agree with your enabling her to not be afraid. those cast pieces look like skeletal parts at a glance... i wish we would've used a power washer (if they had them then) when i was casting, we used to do it with a sandblaster and it was extremely tedious.