Saturday, July 9, 2016

R&D evaluation

Ist round evaluation.
A quick sinapus, this project premise was to do the preliminary R&D for a small run of dessert plates for possible use as support for a Patron project that's being put together specifically for our studio's friends and neighbors here in Stockton.
Overhead look at kilnshelf
I wanted the main feature of the project to subtly communicate community, generosity, and delight. A lot of my personal joy is found in preparing and sharing meals with friends and family. It's always been a path to connection for me. Dispite the small size, the plates are thrown thick using a liberal amount of clay. The result is a visual generosity reviled by the undulating soft cut rim. The heft and balance is very comforting in the hands and works serves its function extremely well, to act as a frame and pedestal for a special delight... Dessert
Greenware paper stenciled dessert plate
Now that I have the first round of R&D green ware in hand, it's become apparent that when the work is set out on the kiln shelf, there's a bit more room to grow into. I'm not sure if (slightly) bigger is necessarily better, but in making the next round, an inch and a half will be added onto the diameter. If the extra clay used to get to the new size doesn't make the pieces too heavy or affect their balance, I might as well go bigger and use the kilnshelf space if it's there.
Greenware dessert plate by Zygote Blum


cookingwithgas said...

Those are very nice!
Yes, do more.

Joel Blum said...

Thanks Meredith.
They are part of an evil plan ;)

carter gillies said...

These are awesome Joel! (Your evil plans are always so good! :) )