Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Itch

Still trying to figure out how to shoot some of last years work. Some of the best pieces were too curvy and glossy to be photogenic in a way I would like, but in person... I'm very, very happy with where most of the work is headed technically.

Finding just a few glazes that work for me gives me breathing room. Now I can shift gears away from yesterday and sink time into form and develop the narratives I'm really itching to see.



Mr. Young said...

Your work has been looking pretty good my friend. Can't wait till I can afford to buy more of it!

Midori said...

I love those red and orange! I miss reduction firing!

ShellHawk said...

I have the same problem photographing shiny work; it NEVER looks as alive as it does in person! So frustrating!
I found this article, which may be helpful. Maybe not! ;)