Monday, July 15, 2013

Medalta Cup Show Results

The selected works are all heading towards Medalta’s first annual cup show. 150 pieces have been selected by Studio ceramicist, Carole Epp for this inaugural exhibition. What a first year for the show too. As anyone who has put on one of these knows firsthand, behind the sceens, each show is a has it's own special gremlins, but this show's test was a huge flood that swamped the area and the facilities managed like only Canadians could!

Way to shine you guys!!!

My thrill was finding out that I've been selected to participate this year! I've got two works from this winter's kilns are boxed up and ready to headed north.

On a parting note, I've always enjoyed the statement from the juror for exhibitions, and for this one, the statement was just a bit more special. After hosting "Musing About Mud" for a half decade now, Carol is a familiar personality for much of the online clay community.
Personally, I feel that she's been a major contributor to how the blogging and online world has been shaped for all of us. 
And for that I want to say... Thank you Carole!

and now the statement from the juror
 “Well personally I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have been asked to jury Medalta’s 1st International Cup Show, but I honestly had no idea of the challenge that this jurying would present. The ceramic cup is such a small object, yet so packed with meaning and reference. The cup can often be the defining piece within a potter’s collection and one that succinctly presents the artist’s aesthetic choices and technical strengths.
There was not one entry that didn’t present a level of skill and aesthetic rendering. Not one that didn’t have craftsmanship and vision. In the end the chosen pieces for the exhibition were ones that stood out as having a clearer voice of the artist, a more refined skill set, and a uniqueness that made them stand out.
I’m grateful to all of the artists that submitted work for this exhibition. Even those whose work was not chosen should not be discouraged as all of the entries confirmed my expectations that the contemporary artistic climate of functional ceramics is solid, ever expanding, and relevant to contemporary artistic discourses.”
Carole Epp
Musing About Mud


angela walford said...

hey congrats zyg!!


I love those... and I am thrilled to have a piece going too!!!
It leaves tomorrow!!!

Midori said...

Beautiful colours! Congratulations! : )

P.S. I have special eyes which can't recognise distorted letters on Re Captcha... (the second try!)

Ashley Morrow said...

I too had submitted cups, but now in hindsight it is best that my cups were not chosen. They ended up in that flood and are probably bobbing their way to Medicine Hat as we speak. Actually, they are probably in the dump, but I like to think that they are going to Medicine Hat.

Georgia Harvey said...

Congratulations, love your work!