Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking for a Dream to Hang my Hat on (Part 1)

It's been a tumultuous past few days of sitting and thinking about how it's not the "place" that makes a community work, it's how the individuals in the community decide to work together that make it either function to the benefit of everyone or simply fall apart.

With enough cash, you can find and pay for the "best" of the best. Fill it full of anything and everything you've ever dreamed of...

But it'll still an empty shell without the dreamers to breathe it into life. Sure you can go it alone like the fable of the Atomic Artist. But to live and work exclusively in isolation is a sentence, not a victory.

Finding other artists that need to be carried and coddled is easy enough, I think I even fall in to that category all too often.

 But the gold is in finding confident partners to stand with. Partners that will lift each other up. Partners that challenge each others ideas while helping feed and push towards growth.  It's finding the working partners that are the key, not to just to the endever of the Arts, but life and Love...

A simple view point, but it's taken me a long time to grasp the complexity of it's significance.

It's time to start dreaming again.


Linda Starr said...

sometimes I dream of finding a building in a quaint town and starting a community pottery or an art gallery, just yesterday I thought of a shop called antiques and art. some cash does help

can't wait to hear what comes of your dreaming


so what's the plan?

carter gillies said...

Oooh! I can't wait!

I just knew that sound was the flapping of your cape!

imagine said...

I always enjoy your posts, almost as much as I enjoy looking at your pots.
Your work is dynamic and a real inspiration, your posts always fun and informative.

Follow your dreams, take the risks.

I did.
I'm broke but very contented.
The world needs dreamers, especially when they have your talent and enthusiasm.

angela walford said...

dream on zyg..