Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Chun

Cone 10 Red Chun

43.40  G-200 Custer
27.27  Silica
9.37    Gerstly Borate
4.54    Barium Carb
2.56    Whiting
1.70   EPK
1.70   Zinc Oxide
4.54   Bentonite

.085 Red Iron Oxide
2.55 Tin Oxide
3.12 Copper Carb

This recipe was pulled from Michael Coffee's blog.

Apply thick and reduce hard.


Kings Creek Pottery said...

Ohh, lovely! Looks fabulous on your pots- I'm heading over to his blog now for more recipes!

TropiClay Studio said...

Great color!

yolande clark said...

ooh. Really super soft red. I know lots of potters obsessed with a brighter-bang copper red, but I am really enjoying the pinkish purplish subtlety here.