Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Bowling

Whew! I have a 10 day seasonal reprieve from my new job on the UOP grounds. High time to get a whole butt load of bowls into the pipe for this years Annual TideWater Souper Supper. As tradition has it... I'm using the opportunity to work a few ideas out to see what happens.



TropiClay Studio said...

Nice batch of bowls!

jim said...

good to see those bowls, we miss your posts, have a good holiday

Tara said...

NICE! Lookin good! Enjoy your "break"!

TantMossig said...

I just found your blog and all beautiful things you do. It appears that you and I have something in common. I thrown a lot of lidded jars, me too! It's like an obsession for me, all the little jars are like little personalities. My blog is in Swedish, since I live in Sweden but please look past anyway.
Merry Christmas from Sweden