Friday, December 31, 2010

Magic Words

Despite all of this years happy dances, I felt like this was a year spent getting used to falling just short...

Like a lot of us, I couldn't keep the momentum going needed to balance everything out, life just seems to keep getting off center.

 Dispite the effort... It's not always enough to stay as optimistic, sometimes it's a good time to find something else to keep busy with... My golden lining this year was the hundreds and hundreds of hours spent playing my violin. I'm not allowed to practice within earshot of the house, so I ended up obsessively practicing on local street corners and in the parks of our neighborhood. (I've since learned that someone enthusiastically playing, how-ever-badly, is someone that can make a good amount of people smile. It's the counter-productive effort that people relate to and that is a very good thing.)

  The other really big change lately has been creating a bit of breathing space by  pulling on my garden boots. Reluctantly it's time to knuckle under and invest the effort needed to make the changes that need to be made this new year to keep projects moving forward.

Woof... this is going to be a whole lot of work, most of which won't fit nicely into the "glory" category. Honestly I'm expecting another bumpy year. No problem though... this year is ending on a positive note...we've got a handle on hard wiring the loaner kiln!
The magic words for the new year are " High amperage screw-down connector block
See you in the New Year! 
Licks, Love, and Luck!

Bwahhh haahha ahahahahah! The new year is going to be so much fun!


TropiClay Studio said...

May your new year be filled with family, fun, and great pottery!
Happy New Year my friend!

Tara said...

dirt, clay, music, (and family)...with those ingredients, it will be pretty hard to mess up the recipe for a rockin' year. You got it in the bag my friend! Rock on!!!

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, Yes it is!
Happy New Year and we know well your struggles.
Her is to what a new year brings!
It has been a pleasure getting to know you this one and I expect even more in the coming year.
Bring it on!

Becky said...

YES! You got your kiln wired?! Isn't that a nice feeling? :)

Happy New Year, Zygote! I look forward to reading your blog again for another wonderful year. :)

jim said...

hi joel,
i sincerely admire you for tackling the violin this late in life (not that you're really old or anything). some say it's more difficult when you're grown up. we got sofia an electric piano for xmas and it's calling to me even though i know i have a tin ear and small hands. i've often thought that the best job on earth would be jazz drummer but i'd settle for being able to play "someone to watch over me" like ruben gonzales. maybe this year, someone'll get a video of you playing that fiddle... i'm sure you know this already but the fiddle is the devil's instrument... what about that? the fiddle as steampunk imagery, better stop i'm rambling