Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Doh to Oh

If all my weeks that started out kind'a in the dump, worked out like this, I'd be a pretty mellow guy. The the week started with bad glazing decisions on a whole kiln load. Mental note... I've learned the sieve and resieve all glazes that I plan on using for a firring, No exceptions!

In the end it turned out rather well all and all. I only lost 3 out of 33 pieces, and those lost 3 will happily find their way into the Kitchen cabinet, we seem to be coming up short again. A few always seem to disappear at the MadHatters Tea down at the corner coffee shop.

Here's a quick peek at 4 from last nights load. I've got another 30 plus going through tomorrow night. It's a been good week... knock knock knock.

I love how this ribbed form has been developeing over the course of the year.
I'm a bit taken aback when I realize that it was January that I started experimenting with not only the ribbed and swollen forms, but the crawling glaze too.

I guess there's a lot to be said for jumping off the cliff.
For better or worse,
It definitely instigates change.


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow! that first cannister is a beaut... it was definitely worth the work since january, if it took that long, not wonder i'm not having much success yet... although i kinda like the looks of some of the missteps too. beautiful pots!

Anonymous said...

I will try again. Your pots are really interesting! I am glad your week went better. Keep up the good work. M