Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lodi Community Art Center's 49th Annual SPRING ART SHOW at the WoodBridge Winery

I fired off a kilnload Wednesday night in hopes of finishing off a sculptural work for the years Lodi Woodbridge show. After opening the kiln Thursday morning I came to the conclusion that it would need a little more detailing before it would be ready. Some yellow enameling hinting the play of lightning bugs in the circles... And a base of brass and cast hydrostone. Might as well get to work figuring it out because there are 4 more going through the kilns over the next month and a half.

So I ended up pulling from the trove of new work from the last 2 weeks. It was fun rooting through the 3 loads of work that was fired. The two yunomi are to be shown together as "Tea for Two", (creative, huh?) and the canister is simply "Crawl Glazed Canister". They still have to get juried in though...


Barbara Dunshee said...

what you're doing with the crawl is crazy Joel. Love the swirl within a swirl within a texture monochromatics!

Moss Beach Ceramics said...

I love that crawl glaze Joel. I have to get on top of testing one here. And as usual your yunomi are exquisite. I am currently, in fact, sipping Darjeeling from one of yours now.

I think that you are right about the Carin needing some detail I think it is really interesing but there is some lack of contrast in the light areas IMHO. I hope I get a chance to see one of these in person.

I have never asked are you associated with a college, university or JC over there? You are going to be at CCACA but are you going to be presenting with one of the schools. I will be with Foothill College but I don't yet know where that will be although it should be a little bit in from where it was last year out on the edge of the world.

lomaprietapottery said...

Be sure to post another pic when it's done joel. Does seem like it needs some finishing touches.

The yunomi are so very nice as is the "Crawl Glazed Cannister".