Saturday, February 28, 2009

Test Yumoni for Crawling Glaze

Here's a handful of test yunomi that I would really like to post. (It's a personal thing.)
This is a cobalt slip under a cone 6 white liner with the crackle and crawl glaze over it. It produces a very nice blue and matte white fused pinhole effect, but it's very, very hit and miss.

A thin blue hares fur under a thick crawl glaze.

This is our studio's blue hares fur under the crawl glaze.

This is the crawl glaze over a cone 6 white liner.

This is a thin crawling glaze under a blue hares fur glaze. This appears to be a very stable glaze combination. the white liner at the rim create really nice optics in the gaze surface. It's really a very handsome glaze combination.
This is a basic crawl glaze over a cobalt slipped bisque.

This is the crawling glaze over the studio's clear liner. This combination creates lots of texture! Very very Arty, but not really practical.


TotusMel said...

It is really interesting see all these nuances that are so alien to someone like me. Such beautiful and interesting effects I imagine are generally taken for granted.

Rob Addonizio from Taiko-Earth said...

I really appreciate your posting of glazes and tests here! Going to mix up a few test batches myself and give it a try.....Much thanks!

Nick said...

Very interesting and great results! New to pottery and love seeing such creativity such as you have!