Saturday, February 14, 2009

Agate Ware

Ok… it’s been a long week. Fortunately/unfortunately most of it was all it was all unpaid volunteer work organizing and creating opportunities in our community for the ceramic arts community. Not easy, no glory, but if you cross your eyes and hope for the best, it is fun… I’m probably in way over my head, but hey, it’s sink or swim.
The few hours of studio work I squeezed in this week in between meetings and rain storms was spent getting work thrown to test a few pages of my new designs. I splurged today; I decided to finally get around to doing something I haven’t had time to do for years. I started a series of agate ware yunomi. I’m working on developing a 20 works for a neighborhood sushi bar. These might be a nice addition to the proposed collection.


Nikki Mo said...

these are beautiful--

TotusMel said...

Very lovely design...try and stay out of the rain.

mary jane said...

so pretty!
and its great that you offer your time to help out!
mary jane