Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Spring Starlings

Spring Starlings


Been experimenting more and more with shifting to micro editions of stencils. Cutting billets of 8 to 12 sheets of paper at a time instead of 27 to 32. It still makes for small swarms of 7 or so separate cut-stencils used for each design, but the design run is limited to just a handful before I run out. The big up-side is that it's easier to move on to the next design rather than linger. With time being in such short supply, the time on hand is better spent exploring. I can always return to a design later if I like what comes out of the kiln, (or if the kiln eats all the work that goes in).
Freshly hand cut foot
I've been putting to good use the hand cut feet that Jessica Fong taught me how to cut last summer. I don't really know what others think of them, but I absolutely LOVE the character that it brings to the ware. 
A shelf of freshly stenciled and cobalt slipped greenware waiting for the bisque kiln.
Cobalt slipped greenware waiting for the bisque kiln... The birds are singing songs of spring. 
Jess calls them "Spring Starlings"... It fits nicely.

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Anonymous said...

Love to see your foot tool and a few instructional photos!