Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Compass Rose

Here's a little toss up to the Blog Spirits, there's dozens of orphaned posts that, instead of pressing "fuck it" (otherwise popularly known as publish), they just got forgotten in the pile up of unfinished drafts. This one was from the fall of 2016 when Jess and I spent two weekends up in the hills north of Napa Valley at Scott Paredy's Cobb Mountain kiln shed. Rather than edit this, I'm just pressing the button and gonn'a let it ride. 
More collaborative work with Jessica Fong. There's so much to enjoy when working with someone that constantly surprises you.
A few weeks ago we got a chance to drive up into the mountains and be participants in a kiln building and firing at the Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology Project. Over the course of 2 weekends we got a chance to meet a few new faces, which is almost always a pleasure, and we got a chance to see the difference between our gas fired work and the same work put through wood/gas and soda.
The results didn't disappoint.  
The bisque above Jess threw using a speckled stoneware. The surface was stenciled with a 6 Tile slip.
Cobalt 50/50 wash was painted on and wiped off.
Bell White Liner for the interior.
A thin Red Shino exterior.
The piece above was fired to cone 10 in a gas kiln... love it.
This piece was taken off the top shelf of the soda kiln. Wood ash and blasted by soda at cone 11, It's the same clay and glaze combo but very, very different result.
Same kiln load. 
Different level in the kiln. A cone difference in temp, 10 was flat, and less wood ash and less soda fuming.
Pretty cool stuff!