Saturday, September 3, 2016

Floral Romp

"Lives are very much like ideas and fruit... They need time to ripen."

Jess and I unloaded a kiln load of fired work earlier this week after work. There were quite a few sacrifices made in the kiln this go round, "lessons learned" is the positive spin that we are both usually go with. There are a few that need another trip through the kiln... candidates for adding another layer of glaze and refiring. Happily there were a few that were successfully refired as well.

But these two gems were testers that Jess had handed me.

The cone 5 speckled clay body, A Willies Slip was used over a blue underglaze with a black underglaze rimming the stencil before it was peeled off. We used a White Liner glaze on the interior, a PB Liner glaze on the foot, and a thin application of the Mag Carb glaze over the body.

I really think this might have legs... another round of testing next week and then depending how that plays out, we'll scale it up to large canisters and see how gravity affects the larger vertical planes.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! It's glad to know that there are someone like you who continue to create ceramics. Keep up the good work!