Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Vertical Testing of the Cone 6 Oribe Green

Vertical testing of a cone 6 translucent Oribe Green over a Willies Slip. The slip has been stenciled onto a blue Amco underglaze that was brushed on while leather hard and a black underglaze was used to outline the paper stencils before they were pulled off.

The interior is finished off using a standard white liner that plays well with the Oribe green, letting it waterfall at the lip.

I was surprised at how opaque the surface came out of the kiln and I'm wondering if it's due to the slip used or firing to cone 5 rather than 6.

More testing... always more testing.

I've hyperlinked to all the glaze recipes from my back posts.


Linda Starr said...

love this color glaze

d2eclaylady said...

V. nice .... altho' opaque, I do like how the underlying patterns show thru.

smartcat said...

The final result is not what I would have expected from seeing the unfired work. BUT I really like the subtlety of the fired pots.

Joel Blum said...

It was a surprise, because it wasn't what I originally was expecting, but now after living around it and seeing it out of the corner of my eye, I think I really love it. Now to see if it's as repeatable as it should be.

Joel Blum said...

I prefer semi opaque glazes for simple patterned surfaces. It helps created an object that needs to be puzzled out. I feel that holding a work should have hidden rewards.

Joel Blum said...