Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh Darn

Throwing, trimming, slipping, and clearing the decks for a new season. 

 Getting in a round of teaware to start off the year. It's only a few dozen pieces, but it might be only one of 2 loads that's devoted to small work that will go through the kilns this year.
The rest of the year is looking like it'll be filled with larger canisters.

Oh Darn....


carter gillies said...

Its only January and you can see what the rest of the year will look like? Oh darn, indeed! What's going on? I sincerely hope you continue to have some freedom in deciding what you will make for the next eleven months. Not that large canisters are a bad thing to be stuck making, I actually started off making a few jars this month, the first 'canisters' I have made in a few years. I think my motto for this year will be "Try old things, try new things, just don't get stuck making the same old things....."

Good luck with whatever you decide to make :)


Mr. Young said...

I always enjoy viewing your works in progress! Keep on keepin on my friend!