Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Surprise

Surprising things come from collaboration...

And in large part due to the nature of collaboration, most of the really juicy surprises are compleatly unintentional.
I violated one of my own rules while pushing work through the studio a few weeks ago. A simple enough rule that more or less states, "Keep track of what is in each bucket at all times. 
Label everything as it moves from one bucket to another!"
The accidental use of the cone 6 Mag Carb glaze instead of the intended 6 Tile Slip produced a surprising effect under the studio shino.

Jessica Fong and I have been playing tag team, handing work back and forth as it moves through the studio, each adding a bit more and taking it in whatever direction whim takes before handing it back.

 It doesn't always work out quite as hoped, but sometimes something really magical and unexpected happens.


carter gillies said...

This sort of collaboration is all too rare in my creative life, and I'm guessing for most other potters as well. I'm truly envious! It fun enough playing with my own toys, using my own imagination to play out scenarios, Have the purple dinosaur eat the dump truck, kick the ball against the wall, but to have someone else's imagination at play in the same activity is always a strange and fascinating brew. As fertile as our own imaginations are on their own, the interplay between two creative explorers is even more an adventure into the unknown. By ourselves its all too easy to fall into habits, with steps taken landing where they often usually do. When I raise the foot and someone else places it down it almost never lands where I would have thought, and the activity itself sometimes becomes a joyful dance of improvisation.

Its fun to see you two dancing together! Keep up the good work!

Kimberly Medeiros said...

Collaborating adds another layer to my work, and makes me think in a different way.Hollis Engley and I have been working together over the last few months.We are having a blast!Keep it up!

Midori said...

Glad that you came back : ) Lovely colours. It reminds me of sunny parts and shady part in hot summer. I love the depth.