Monday, February 11, 2013


I love riding ideas to out to completion.
Admittedly, not every idea or decision is good or well played.
That's the fun...
It doesn't serve an idea to start second guessing mid-stride.
My approach to serving an initial aim and accepting what transpires along the way has developed significantly over the past year. 
I need to be flexible and open to possibilities.
Critique can happen along the way, but judgment is reserved for after the firing.

Non-the-less, I've been throwing more and more off center to give work more swagger and character. Yes, there's sag. Sag can be controlled to be part of the work and not simply an accident.
Yes the asymmetry can get severe. 
But most notably it's been pointed out that maybe my shallow foots are inadvertently turning my "Fireflies" (that are meant to be floating in the air) into flies grounded on a lumpy turd.
The details add up to the whole. 
Each decision matters...


Anonymous said...

I really like this decoration! Can't wait to see how you glaze it. :)

Joe Troncale said...

Using gravity and centrifugal force got us where we are, so I think you should not be afraid of using it however you see fit...

M Griffin said...

Shoji Hamada said "I spent half my life learning the right way and the other half trying to forget it".