Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Schaller Gallery Exhibition : Kenyon Hanson and Brandon Phillips

 I'm humming along tonight while I explore through this offering of work over at the Schaller Gallery site.
This is an exciting pairing of hands for an exhibition.

If I could pull one artist into the studio for a workshop this winter, Kenyon would be it.
Love his approach to form.

For me,
his work has an complex organic fluidity of line that still reads as controlled and very deliberate.

Add slip and soda to his well practiced style and it's a mesmerizing mix.

The second artist is non-other than  

 Like a lot of people, I've been following Brandon's blog for so long now that for me, he feels like a familiar acquaintance. I've enjoyed watching him refine his vision and admire his commitment to tradition.

He generously satisfies expectations of function with plush, comfortable work...
but his surfaces are just getting richer and richer. 

Very nicely done!


Linda Starr said...

Super examples you've shown; I was unfamiliar with Kenyon Hanson's work, thanks.

yolande clark said...

I have been admiring Kenyon Hanson's vessels for a little while now--you describe them beautifully. Congrats Kenyon and Brandon, looks like a great show.