Friday, September 14, 2012

8 fluid Ounces 2012

Came home to a package sitting on my pillow today...

(I love surprises!)
I knew what it was as soon as I saw the return address...
LSU, Louisiana State University
It's the CD of the exhibition catalog from the 8 Fluid Ounces show earlier this spring.
Nice touche by the Curator and Co-Curator Malia Krolak and Mikey Walsh.
This was the second time I've gotten to participate in this exhibition and I've been nothing but impressed by the experience. 
Great communication (Malia is a gracious host), the web catalog was exceptional, the opening looked great (wished I could head out for that one, but really, that's a stretch for me) my work sold (always a big plus ;) and the CD I found on my pillow was icing on the cake!
Very, very well done Malia...
You are defiantly helping set the bar. 
I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for an event to participate in.

I have 3 extra CD's. Anyone that's interested in one can write me at 
Write and I'll send one out to you free of charge. This offer only applies to the first three of course. Everyone else gets Licks, Love, and Luck...


smartcat said...

Oh yes, please? If I'm not too late! Tell me yes and I'll email you my address!

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