Friday, August 24, 2012

Show Goof'n

Tara and I really enjoyed the opening for this year's "Visions in Clay" last Thursday and tried to talk with everyone that we could (the attendance was excellent so this was a bit of a challenge), but we were still missing the third wheel on our studio bike. So we did what we totally aren't supposed to do and acted out by manhandling Jessica's piece that was in the show.

It's ok, it's insured!


Mr. Young said...

Wow! Clean shaven and clipped hair! Lookin good sir!
Looks like you had some fun at the show!

Tracey Broome said...

I hate going to shows where ceramics are the topic and it draws a huge crowd of potters and then there are signs everywhere saying do not touch. Are you kidding me?! A room full of potters told to not touch pottery?!?
Love the new photo of you above your bio!

Tara said...

love love love. BEST. SHOW. EVER... because "studio mates" make it so.